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The Farm Dogs

Millie and Roper are the farm dogs here at Repose Ranch...and they're always up to something fun! They love taking care of the goats, 'doing chores' and even playing frisbee and football in their free time. When they're not chasing goats, chasing their 4 year old buddy Mac is always on they're to-do list :) Here you'll find lots of photos of everything fun our farm dogs are doing!

About Roper...

Roper is a 6 year old Lab/Sheltie mix. His job is to watch the herd and round them up if necessary. Being part Sheltie (a shepherding dog), his herding instincts come to him naturally. In his play-time, he loves to play frisbee and soccer ball.

About Millie...

Millie is a 8 year old Lab mix, who loves to run and run and run! She knows only two speeds: fast and stop :) Her job on the farm is to 'go do chores' and take care of the newborn goat kids. When she's not doing that, her favorite thing is to play with her football.

About Mac...

Mac is a 4 year old Labrador Retriever. His favorite things are to play ball, 'vibe' Millie and Roper, and play chase. He's in training for upland bird hunting, and sometimes you'll see some of his training featured here on the Farm Dog Blog.

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